Facts About Unwanted-72, the 'Morning After' Emergency Contraception Pill
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Facts About Unwanted-72, the 'Morning After' Emergency Contraception Pill

Unwanted-72 is an emergency 'morning after' contraceptive designed to prevent conception when unplanned sexual intercourse has occurred. This product is created for use in situations where impulse, judgement or the situation of intercourse cannot be prevented, such as a lapse of good judgement or even in cases of forced sexual encounters (rape.)

According to their website, Unwanted-72 recommends taking the prescribed dose as soon as possible following intercourse, preferably within the next 72 hours. Taken '10 minutes before having unprotected intercourse' is probably even more effective than taking it hours after having sex.

Taking emergency oral contraceptive just before intercourse suggests reasonable culpability for actions if you are not also using another form of protection; you knew you were about to engage in sexual activity. The product is not designed to be a standard oral contraceptive, but a 'second chance' method to avoid unwanted pregnancy after sexual intercourse has occurred. These are sometimes also referred to as 'the morning after' pills.

One should not rely solely upon Unwanted-72 as their only means of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

How Many Unwanted-72 Emergency Contraception Pills are Required?

A second dose taken 12-hours after the first pill may be required for some users, even though the effectiveness of any recommended dose can persist for up to 120 hours (5 days) according to their site. Unwanted-72 will not terminate a pregnancy that already exists, however.

Situations where Unwanted-72 emergency contraceptive may be invoked are non-inclusively in cases where sexual intercourse was planned but the primary method of protection failed in some way such as the condom leakage, condom slipping off the male penis or breaking during coitus, causing a release of semen within the woman's body. Another possibility is if the woman's diaphragm was improperly installed, slipped out during or shortly after sexual contact.

Using the 'withdrawl method' is the least effective means of avoiding pregnancy as even if the male does not climax/ejaculate into the woman's body, some sperm-laden pre-cum can still be released and this can be enough to cause conception. This method of sexual contact even with use of Unwanted-72 is still considered to be risky.

Pregnancy can still occur in approx. 1-2 out of every 100 users that use Unwanted-72 as indicated, but Unwanted-72 does provide a much greater chance of not conceiving when unprotected sexual intercourse occurs when taken as advised.

How does Unwanted-72 Emergency Contraceptive Work to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy?

Unwanted-72 is a mega-dose female hormones that work in one of several way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The three ways it works are as follows:

  • Prevents/delays release of the ovum (female egg) from the female's ovaries
  • Thickens the mucus lining of the cervix, which prevents/blocks male sperm from entering the uterus
  • Prevents a fertilized egg from traveling down the Fallopian tubes and implanting itself onto the uterus wall, which begins pregnancy

Unwanted-72 is not just about emergency contraception pills and what to do about an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy. The website is also a wealth of supportive information that helps to educate users to other risks and conditions associated with pregnancy, such as depression and stress. A short read but informative for the researcher wanting quick and easy to understand answers.

Other methods of contraception are also discussed, as well as the untoward but manageable effects that taking their product can cause such as minor nausea, vomiting, headaches, fatigue and dizziness. These undesirable symptoms will go away within a day or two and are to be expected when taking a mega-dose of hormones.

Suspected Contraceptive Failure

Unwanted-72 does not prevent the transmission of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or infections, it is only meant to be used to prevent unwanted conception/pregnancy from occurring.

Visit Unwanted-72 to learn more about emergency contraception and what can be done to prevent unwanted pregnancy after sexual intercourse. Discuss with your health care provider/family doctor if you feel you may have had a contraception failure, or are -in any way at risk for having an unwanted pregnancy.

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Stickman, I'm not really sure what to think about this method of abortifacent. It's a very controversial subject, but you presented it very clinically. 2 thumbs up! Peace Jaz

Very interesting information!

Yes Jaz, -I find it a bit unsettling too.